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The right marketing message is the difference between a prospect saying "Yes" vs. "No."

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"Monkeys can do this..."

I've heard this phrase before when it came to creating content or writing an advertisement or sales page.

Everyone can write...

When it comes to persuading your prospects and clients to stop what they are doing during their busy day and read your ad, your newsletter, your direct mail piece --- it takes something more.



Joe has something you just can't teach...His creativity is incredible.



There's so much noise out there right now, you can't put average sales copy and content out there. It's just a massive waste of time.

Your clients hire you for your professional expertise and years of practicing your craft.

That's why clients hire me.


  • 6X increase in email campaign
  • 4X increase in response to sales letter over industry average
  • 300% increase in direct mail response rate resulting in thousands in sales


  • Business Insider
  • Investing Daily
  • Investor's Alley
  • A Top CPA Firm in TX
  • Inc 5000 Companies

Hiring Joe was one of the best decisions I've ever agreed to.





  • Sales copy --- only the best copy --- FOR:
    •  Your ads
    • Your sales letters
    • Your marketing materials
  • Longer content, such as:
    • Books
    • White papers
    • Video scripts
  • Shorter content, such as:
    • Posts
    • 3rd party posts
  • Email marketing content
    • Your newsletters
    • Your sales emails
  • Marketing strategies
    • Ideas on where to market
    • Road maps and executing on marketing plans
    • Ways to make your company unique

I give ideas away for free every single day. If you're even a tiny bit interested to hear more, send me an email --- joe@jccopy.com

Happy to give you ideas, all for free

joe@jccopy.com | 770-823-3723

Joe have proven to be a valuable asset to our organization with his stellar ability to construct discussion driving content for our marketing efforts. This has directly increased our conversion rate by nearly 25% in less than 30 days.

Josh J.