Market Yourself: How to build an Attractive Linkedin Headline

Market Yourself: How to build an Attractive Linkedin Headline

Marketing Yourself with Attractive Linkedin Headline
Imagine the CEO of your dream job finds a great article you posted on Linkedin. Out of curiosity, he hovers over that handsome picture of you in your work attire beaming at the camera, and reads your magical Headline:


“Student at Bumbly U”…..”Accountant at Taxman Corp.”…”Unemployed looking for work”


What’s he going to do? He’s not clicking on your profile, he’s bored out of his mind, and he’s going to forget about you in 3, 2, 1..poof. Bye bye.


Important people don’t have the time to waste it, and you just wasted 3 seconds of their life.


This is a problem that many don’t even realize they have!


We looked at 3 ways to bring browsers to your page on Linkedin . One was not to make your Headline your Current Position. So….

What do I put in my Linkedin headline?

The magic question.


I’ll repeat , Don’t put your Current Job in your Linkedin Headline! It’s a waste of space.


What you need is to sum up your skills in about 20 words. For example, my headline (as of March 2016) is :
“Making Creative Waves swimming in the Content Marketing Ocean | Increasing Customer Responses 25% | Chief Copyshark”


Does it need work? Everyone has an opinion. If you have tips for this Headline, hit me up below! We will have Headline critic knockout session!


Let’s break it down on why I chose this description. Each is strategically and carefully placed.


1) Making Creative Waves: Immediately sticks out as something different. People view my profile over and over again because it’s interesting. Also, ties into my fun brand of being a “Shark”

2) In the Content Marketing Ocean: Content Marketing is a big “buzzword” keyword. Many don’t know what it means but search for it.

3) Increasing Customer Responses by 25%: This says WHAT I DO, the RESULTS I GET FOR YOU right away. For those looking for more responses, it immediately pulls them in. What can you put that says “Here’s what I do that gets results?”

4) Chief Copywriter Shark: This is hitting the major keyword of copywriter while also showing my fun side of being a “Shark.” Your Linkedin Headline should say something about your personality. Are you fun, laid back, or more Mr. Stiffboard? It’s fine both ways, just let people know!

It adds value to my image, and a perfect start for someone who may be in the same boat as myself where they are in marketing, or even just anybody balancing work and an online biz.

This is showing my flexibility and functionality. People like flexibility.

This is just an example, but this is where you can brag about your skills! Don’t be shy.

Everyone likes to talk about themselves, some are more outwardly humble, but this is not where to show your Christian virtue.

Sometimes you only have 5 seconds to impress.

Use Keywords:


Utilize the same language as jobs you are interested in. If you’re a business owner, find other owners in your industry and you will see many words used over and over again. Bingo!


Whether you are Unemployed, Trapped in a Cubicle, or the President, you have attractive skills: The headline is where you sum up your value in few words. Get creative with those words.


What’s better? “Designer at ABC” or “Master Interior Decorator with success in Color Scheme Designs and Staging”.


Which draws your interest more?


If I’m a recruiter and looking for a Designer, I have to click on Number 2. Even if that person ends up being crap, that Decorator’s short marketing pitch sucked me in.


That’s a good way to define marketing: the art of sucking in!


Market Yourself.


If you have a job you think is lame, you definitely don’t want to put that in your headline! “Diaper changer at the Nursing Home.”


First, If that’s your title, holy crap, literally. Second, no one is interested in you and your poop scoop. We applaud you for helping the elderly, but come on! You must have gained some talent doing that which would be more exciting, right?


“Trusted Care Provider and Excellence in Customer Satisfaction.” That could work….


Show your range, as in the example above, you’re not just a Designer (which is super broad), no, you go from Designing different color combos to being able to physically stage a room to wow visitors.


Just from changing my Headline, within 2 weeks, my views jumped over 30%, and compare that to the past 2 years of being dormant.


Yes, there are other reasons people will look at your profile, but this is the way we are going to start.


Small steps.


Market yourself, Market Yourself, MARKET YOURSELF! You will be doing it for the rest of your life, start here!


Take just 5-7 minutes writing your talents, keywords etc. down. Craft that attention-grabbing headline!

Join me below!

1) Research briefly keywords in your industry you wish to target.
2) Show your range in Talent! I’ve put accounting professional and internet entrepreneur! That’s 2 different industries!
3) Get feedback…Always be getting feedback.

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