Content Marketing

“People Buy because they Trust You.”


That is probably a conglomerate of 5,000 different quotes all in 1, but you understand.  You understand because you’re a Consumer yourself.  You are wired to only part with money when you trust the party you give it to.


It’s why referrals are such a big deal.  For the business it’s an “easier” sale because the Trust hurdle has already been vaulted.  When you get a call from a telemarketing, you automatically get skeptical.




Because you don’t TRUST THEM.  They are trying to take your money from you.  That’s how we’ve been trained.  What if, instead, you had customers coming back, or new customers calling in simply asking “When can you come out?” rather than “What’s the price?”


It makes your job a whole lot easier, right?


This is the power of content marketing at its finest.  We are in the information age.  If we don’t know something, it nags at us until we pull out our smartphone and Google it.  If a customer sees YOU as the source of information, they will trust you.


And, we buy from those we Trust.


Content marketing is simply providing relevant, useful, helpful content to your audience.  Removing the questions from their head and you’re the teacher.  We all remember most of our teachers especially those who taught us great lessons.


You’re now the teacher.


Now, for many businesses, this isn’t a priority.  I understand that. It’s much more important to get orders out the door than it is to sit down and type through a blog post or e-marketing campaign.


That’s why you have resources to help you.  We can be your voice and act as the teacher for your customer.  Especially if content production makes you feel uncomfortable, we can take it over for you.


If you’ve been hearing about all the hoopla about “content marketing” and want to get into the game and get your business caught up…. Leave a note below and we will send over some ideas to help you get started.


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