The Difference Between the $1 Bill and the $100 Dollar Bill is the Writing on the Paper


I heard this quote many times from Joe Polish (a world-renowned marketer) and realized…it’s true.


The difference between someone responding to your ad and not responding is the message on the ad.  Many designers will say that impressive graphics and images are what sell your customers.


It’s not.


What makes “It’s a Wonderful Life” and other old-timer movies great isn’t the graphics.  The graphics and recordings are awful. It’s the story. The story puts you in a new state, it’s what mesmerizes you, compels you to keep listening.


It’s the same with your copywriting on your website, your ads, your presentations etc.
You must create something that inspires but also gets your message across.


Many think it’s all about *HYPE*. You put big bolded letters with lots of exclamation points as if you’re shouting from the rooftops.  This doesn’t work.


A large, big box company can get away with this as they have the budget to make it happen. Most small to mid-size businesses would be flushing marketing money down the toilet with campaigns like this.


Adding great copy compels your prospects and customers to take that next step, to start moving through your sales funnel.  The end result you want is they become a champion for your business.  Someone who tells all relevant parties about you.


It starts with great copy. Great copy builds great trust.



Could Great Copy be Needed in your Business right now. Set up a time to dip your toes in the tank or just ask a quick question.


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