E-Mail Marketing

An E-mail Marketing Campaign is worthless if they don’t even Open the E-mail


In the “old” days, direct mail was the big push.  Your mailbox was filled up with ads and promotions.  Now, it’s become much cheaper to just send e-mails.  Now, companies will blast out their ads and fill up your mailbox.


It’s starting not to work anymore as the Open Rates for e-mails are slowly going down, down, down….. It doesn’t mean “e-mail marketing is dead.”  It simply means, it’s being wasted / ruined by marketers who don’t understand buyers today.


We’ve developed as humans to “block out” ads.  Now, you see thousands of ads per day, but you only “realize” a hundred or so of them.  The first thing you do when you open an e-mail? Start deleting the ones you WILL NOT read.


This is the reality for many businesses as their e-mail marketing campaigns struggle.  What can they do?


Write e-mails that First: Get Opened, Second: Provide relevant information to the reader. To do both of these steps you need:

  1. Great Copywriting
  2. Shark-like content that is relevant to them

Screaming “20% OFF EVERYTHING” doesn’t work anymore.  You need more.  Spruce up your campaigns.


Send in some of your campaigns and we will take a look and give you some pointers on how to improve. If it makes sense to work together, we can move forward.  Does that sound fair?


Send us a link of your recent campaign that bombed. We can tell you WHY it didn’t work:


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