Marketing Strategy

“If you Don’t Know Where You are Going, Any Road will Take you There.”


This is a famous quote from Lewis Carroll that many KNOW they should follow, but don’t. Myself included.  Everyday, when I wake up, if I don’t have a plan for the day, typically the day ends up unproductive.


It’s because I’m just “reacting” to everything. Not being “proactive.” Do you know the feeling?


It’s the same with your marketing strategy.  If you’re just throwing spaghetti at the wall and waiting for the “magic moment”….you’ll be waiting a long time.  Many businesses want to try 500 Million things once and hope they hit the jackpot, rather than try 1 or 2 things and tweak their marketing strategy as they go.


Each business has a marketing channel that fits their business best.  It’s then yours and our goal (as partners) to execute that plan to the best of our abilities.


Then tweak, changed, adjust, etc. as we go.  The key is to pick a small number of channels and go full force to see if it works or doesn’t work.


Let’s have a #realtalk for a second.


This is creative work.  Technical work, such as heart surgery, is a straightforward practice.  There’s a manual to complete all the necessary steps, it just takes a skilled surgeon to do this difficult processes.


Marketing is a creative work.  There’s no manual.  There will be failed campaigns.  Some would say it’s gambling.  It is if you don’t have a strategy in place.  You want marketing to be more of a “Vendor Machine.” You identify the market you want, you put in $1 and hope to get back a bunch of customers worth more than that $1 dollar.


You only spend money on things you think are worth more than is charged.  You won’t pay $50 for a McDonalds cheeseburger. It’s not that valuable to you. But you’ll go to  a 5 star restaurant and EXPECT to pay much more for a burger there than McDonalds.


That’s how your marketing strategy will work. Identifying your target audience for the campaign and offering them more value than the price they see, and they will buy.


A marketing strategy discussion can be a long one, so send us a note so we can set up a time to go over what hasn’t been working for you.  Let’s see where you might be having trouble.


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