White Papers and Case Studies

Research that Converts.


White Papers and Case Studies are premium products which can prove to be wonders in your content marketing campaign.  A white paper is a research document typically showcasing certain findings and facts from research or study.  A case study highlights a past success of a company through the eyes of the helped customer.


When you see testimonials, those are mini-case studies.  With large purchases and decisions, having white papers and case studies can be dynamite.  We’re in the information age.  Consumers and businesses are smarter than ever.


Every question they have is a click away on Google. Bringing past success and proof of your product to a prospect lowers the hurdle you need to vault to win that business.


White Papers are especially important to larger companies doing constant Research & Development.  You can transmit your findings into a written document used in marketing and advertising as well as to raise funding.


You won’t find this service offering at many agencies, but the truth is: White Papers and Case Studies are as important as ever.  Prove to your prospects you have done the upfront work as well as delivered results to your customers.


Smaller companies may not benefit as much from white papers and case studies, but they can prove valuable when raising money or if you sell a premium-priced product.


Need  White Papers or Case Studies in a jiffy? Send over your industry and we can do the research and prep for you.

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