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“One Idea could change the Whole Direction of a Company”
– A Smart CopyShark after Eating Pizza
Our Chief Copyshark
Joe Cassandra
Joe is the one on the left..


Joe Cassandra (the JC) is the CopyShark of JC Copy. What does that mean?

On your website, ads or in your email marketing efforts, you need MORE response, MORE of your prospects to raise their hand and say “I’m interested, tell me more,” that’s what we do.

Specialize in the Travel & Hospitality Industry.  As the economy and millennial base grows, this sector will become more valuable with time.

Backstory of Joe:
Live in Dallas, TX with my lovely wife, Samantha, daughter Chloe and pup Cooper. Graduating from a small, private school named Belmont Abbey College, I found a hand in writing, specifically, persuasive writing.

5 Minute Q&A 

Favorite Food: Pizza….mmm

Favorite Drink: Probably Milk (Dr. Pepper goes down easy too :D)

Last Meal: Donuts and endless McDonald’s Double Cheeseburgers downed with a 10Liter of Cold, Cold Coke

What I Suck at : Water-Skiing, Cooking,  Reading 1 book at a time, Ice-Skating, Resisting taking just 1 piece of Bacon, painting, crafts (anything like that..)

My Voodoo Beliefs: I don’t get sick (an occasional sniffle, but that’s it), If you obsess about something and believe it, your mind will do it (such as not getting sick)

Family: Married, 1 daughter, have 10 brothers and sisters….10!

What you don’t know: I did alot of acting, some Tap-Dancing, Improv, played in a Band, all while in College.

Dream when I was younger: Play football, but didn’t work at it enough plus I run flat-footed 😀

Dream when Older: Create an impact

Where we’d live if not in the US: My wife and I would move to Italy and stay there, and I would eat the deliciousness that is Italian food all day!

Temperament: I’m as laid back as they come, no need to stress about small details. My wife has only seen me angry probably 2x in the 7 years we’ve known each other.

Music I have to sit until the Song’s over: Beatles and Beach Boys (I do love the Rolling Stones as well…don’t listen to alot of modern music); however, I do like a little Taylor Swift and Katy Perry from time to time.