Money DOES Buy Happiness…Or is it Time?

Money DOES Buy Happiness…Or is it Time?

Money does buy happiness
The old adage, “Money doesn’t buy happiness,” is wrong. Yes, capital W underlined rong. It’s wrong in a sense that it is incomplete. When you learned it, you thought, “Money buys physical things, and they always said material goods don’t make you happy.” But Money Does Buy Happiness, you will see.

What we think Happiness from Money is

So, you first have to figure out one important thing….”What makes you happy?” If you think about it, it may take a while to figure out what exactly would make you hit your ‘peak happiness.’

For some (myself included), you first think of what seems “unattainable”:

  • Traveling around the World.
  • Quitting Your Day Job and Starting a Blog (or whatever!)
  • Hitting the Lottery and all Money Problems are Over!
  • Getting that new purse at “Wherever the hell you buy purses” Inc.

That’s just some, but when you think of happiness, you are most likely going to jump right to something that is out of your reach (or you think is). That honeymoon, that Mercedes, iPad, whatever, and so you think “If I only had the money…”

Yet, when you think about it, these are just fleeting moments of happiness. Much like the happiness you feel when you get that job you’ve been aiming for right out of college, then, 2 years later, you’re there staring out the window wondering what’s next?

“I got a job, I don’t live with my parents, but I feel like crap…” There are pieces missing.

Even high-paid executives can be unhappy, because they may feel like they’re not fulfilling their purpose or potential.

MJ Demarco says in his book, Millionaire Fastlane,

“The fact is, there are many millionaires and well paid career folks who are absolutely miserable, and it has nothing to do with the money. It has to do with their freedom. Money Owns Them.”

Note: Excellent Book by MJ Demarco, we’re going to be covering him much more later.

People become bonded to their money and new-found wealth, instead of the other way around. That’s not how you want to view money.

So, money itself does not buy happiness directly, however, it is still very important. But let’s delve further:

What will give a lasting happiness?

For many:

  • More time with Family/Friends/God (spirituality)
  • Free Moments to work on Hobbies/Interest
  • Ability to Help Others/Give Back/Show Gratitude

As humans, we feel most fulfilled when we are giving to others, caring/protecting our own, or having the time to pursue the activities we enjoy most.

So it looks like TIME is what buys happiness, but then how do you find the time? Well, you can argue Money buys that time! Think about it: If you had enough money that you could spend your moments with your family/friends/God, giving your time and money to others, and pursuing your interests, would you not be happy? You’ve handled all your “needs” (food, shelter etc.), so you have a surplus to use for other areas.

You’re not filling your life with material goods that build up your happiness UNLESS it can fall under those 3 categories above. Most of the time, you want to buy the Experience. We all know the feeling of wanting some physical product only to lose that high an hour later, and we immediately look to something else. Having luxuries is not bad, I’m going to make that clear as I can hear some restless folks. Conveniences is not the same as happiness.

Money buys the lifestyle we want i.e. the freedom to spend our time with the people we want, when we want, and partaking in those activities we enjoy most.


Money Buys Time
Time Buys Freedom
Freedom Buys Happiness!
Money Does Buy Happiness!

So don’t be duped by all those naysayers that tell you, “it doesn’t matter how much money you make, you won’t be any happier.” You can laugh at that defeatist attitude, as you have control of your lifestyle, your finances. (That’s what we want to teach at the 7 Minute Entrepreneur). Money unlocks doors to ‘time freedom’, which you must also spend wisely.

Money is something that comes and goes. But this moment right now, you will never have again, so just buying the time will not make you happy. USE that time to pursue lasting happiness.

Spend it on lasting happiness, not the fleeting happiness.

Those who say Money doesn’t buy happiness either :

1) Don’t spend their time and money pursuing lasting happiness and are probably spending it only on objects of depreciating value.
2) Or, like it or not, are probably on a career/lifestyle path that will not lead to a financially stable future. (Misery loves company).

You don’t need millions to have this lifestyle of lasting happiness, but you should build up your skills to accelerate your hard assets (your savings, retirement, investments etc.).
Negotiate to earn more, earn extra income, build your wealth.

Being wealthy, or wishing to secure wealthy does not make you materialistic. Pursue wealth to unlock your freedom lifestyle with the time to accomplish what’s important, and I guarantee you will achieve happiness.

So Money does buy happiness, but not in the way you thought…

Can wealth give you the key to Happiness? Let us know below! Know any personal stories that can agree/disagree? Comment below!

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