You’re Worth More Money & Value than You Think

You’re Worth More Money & Value than You Think

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“I could never make that much money, they would never pay me $XXX.” Remember telling yourself that?

Especially with younger pups like myself, more and more 20-somethings fall into the mindset they are worth $0. Kinda depressing right? “I don’t have 3 years experience so I can’t get that job or make that money.”

You are worthy.

You’re Taking Yourself out of the Game

You undervalue the skills you bring to the table just because you didn’t go to an Ivy League school, get a huge internship, or be born in a palace with the queen and Kate Middleton. That doesn’t mean you can’t make more or hold a higher position.

The only person who tells you what you can’t do is…yep, YOU.

Sure, you will have family, friends and even strangers whisper “Just put your head down and accept it, everyone else does.”

What they’re really telling you is “Don’t rock the boat, it makes me feel uncomfortable.” Harsh reality but that’s what reading between the lines will do.

20-somethings go further and say, “I could never go from $10 an hour to $20 an hour, no one would do that.” Who says no one would do that? YOU! It’s a self-deprecating belief.

Stop Taking Yourself out of the Game! You’re the one saying you’re not worth it, You’re the one saying you bring nothing to the table.

Before an interview, I think about all the value I’ve brought at work AS WELL as in my personal life. Dan Schawbel pushes to go beyond the minimum and SHOW you’re value in all aspects.

Demonstrate what value you bring in any area of your life, whether it’s on a blog, your volunteer center, whatever, there’s VALUE in all of that.


You want to build a mindset you are worth more than what you think.

I like to tell myself that somewhere in the world someone would pay me millions for my skills. Crazy funny right? Is it the wishful thinking of a fool, perhaps at the moment, but it keeps from undercutting myself.

Many walk into interviews or reviews willing to accept whatever price is thrown at them even if they feel it’s much lower than it should be. They accept the valuation of others instead of clearly demonstrating what they believe they are worth.

Going into a negotiation with that thought, you’ve already took yourself out of the game. You’re off the court and in the locker room. Be reasonable but be confident.

Determine what your value is worth and what the market says and don’t be afraid to shoot for the stars.

When you know what struggles they face you can use the “pain point principle” and the “crystal ball effect” to accurately demonstrate what you can do and what you bring to the table.

Give Now, Receive Later

I hear people screaming right now, “I’m not going to make 6 figures out of school.” Everyone can’t, I don’t make 6-figures yet.

I KNOW, however, that kicking ass at what I do will get me to 6 figures in no time and also means finding ways to kick ass.

It’s a proactive approach and a proactive mindset.

Being an arrogant douche isn’t the way to go either, this way of thinking does something key, Build your Confidence. It makes you believe in yourself. This post isn’t about negotiating a higher salary, or ways to make more money to increase your net-worth (and those are important), but simply to take yourself more seriously now and down the line.

Who do you want to become in the Future?

Set Written Goals

I have a list I read everyday of 1 year, 5 year, and 10-year goals I want to hit personally, family-wise, socially, and of course for business. Writing goals is important to keep track of your focus, but here it does something much more.

When you see yourself in the future nailing those milestones you get pumped, first of all. Also, you also build up a thought process“I can do this, that’s where I want to be.” When you put some time between goals you lose the belief you can’t do it because it’s a few years down the line. It’s not pressuring you at the moment. Pressure for many causes inaction.

What you find is you have put the thought into your head and it will stay in your subconscious and will nag at you to act on it. The “Idea Muscle” as James Altucher talks about in Srini’s interview, also based on Napoleon Hill’s Master Mind.

You Are Worthy. Tell yourself Everyday. You will be More Confident in yourself and Believe in your Goals.

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  • I’ve always believed that being successful is just a matter of believing one’s self. If you tell yourself that you can do it, then nothing is impossible.

    February 21, 2013 at 11:22 am
  • ” Be reasonable but be confident.” That is the key right there. It’s always better to be overconfident than have no confidence but the important thing your confidence is earned. Usually the hardest working people are the most confident because they have proven valuable experience that they can fall back on.

    March 2, 2013 at 3:01 pm
  • Dan


    This has always been a problem that I have.

    I get into the bad habit of dropping my prices thinking that more people will buy, but what that is doing is making my services seem less good.

    There are a lot of people in the world with a lot of money. Thats the way I need to start thinking. Glass half-full.

    November 4, 2013 at 1:20 pm