Billionaire Mark Cuban’s 12 Rules to Success

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Billionaire Mark Cuban’s 12 Rules to Success

If you don’t know who Mark Cuban, I’ll give you just a quick summary.


Not descriptive enough? Fineeeeee


There’s just too much he’s done to put it all here, but you’ve probably seen him as the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, and on Shark Tank (check that show out! Now.)

Win at the Sport of Business

Ok, let’s get to the meat. Cuban wrote an awesome book(affiliate) outlining his story but also what makes him successful.

It’s a quick read, but chock-full of tips for entrepreneurs and businessmen alike, including a very helpful list that gives his 12 rules of success, from which everyone can benefit.

There’s TONS more locked away in this book and it’s an easy read. Bam! Win win!

Pick it up here.

Let’s dive in:

Mark Cuban’s 12 Rules to Success

1)”Time is more valuable than money”
The anthem for any entrepreneur. They work so much at their businesses that sometimes there’s not enough time in the day to do everything they wanted. But they love doing it! When you stop exchanging time for money, you value your work so much more and you end up making more.

2)”Commit random acts of kindness”
Love that Mark puts this in here. You earned your success, but many helped you to the top of the pyramid. Be generous with your time to help others succeed. Give back. Generosity always comes back.

3)”No balls, no babies”
That’s why there’s adoption, but what he’s getting down to is basically ‘Stop talking and Jump, Take the Risk or Forever Sit on the Sideline.’

4)”Work hard, play hard”
Time is money, there’s no time for play Cuban! Malarkey! Jonathan Budd says that he uses his time in 2 ways:
1)Working on his business and how to better it i.e. make more money.
2)He’s spending time refueling to get back to Stage #1. But moderate #2! If you’re passionate about your business, you’re looking forward to getting back to #1.

Money buys the time.

5)”Don’t let fear be a roadblock”
Fear is one of the most crippling things for anyone in any business anywhere. Not just fear of failure, but fear of success! Mark tells his story of getting fired and feeling like a failure, then conquering all that to become the billionaire he is. Definitely worth looking through!

6)”Expect the unexpected and always be ready”
Preparation is always key! Not just preparation for the worst, but for opportunities. Be ready to attack the worst, the best, and opportunities.

7)”It’s okay to yell and be yelled at”
Unleash your passion, it makes other’s passionate. (But don’t become the asshole).

8)”Everyone gets down, the key is how soon you get back up”
Barbara Corcoran (a fellow Shark) said it great in this interview. Entrepreneurs don’t spend the time feeling sorry for themselves (remember time is money) Dust yourself off and get back on the horse. You can’t win every hand, business deal, opportunity. Sometimes you will lose.

9)”It’s not whether the glass is half empty or half full, it’s who is pouring the water”
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10)”It’s not in the dreaming, it’s in the doing”
Everyone has dreams. Everyone has dreams of success. What are you doing to reach your dreams? Take the first step now, even if the step is small, take action. That’s what this site is ALL about!

Action tip: Take the first steps, even if the step is small, take action. Click to Tweet

11)”Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered”..
Measure value, measure your relationships and the value you bring and take away. Don’t be greedy! Build your relationships starting with the other person.

12)”You only have to be right once.”
The last gem from Mr. Cuban, and a quote he uses more than once. When you start a business, you can have more lives than a cat, and only 1 needs to succeed for you to be a success. Mark tells his story of his failures, but his 1 idea made him a millionaire. Don’t be upset if 1 thing tanks, get up, learn what you did wrong, and attack again to get your 1 time. Remember Little Giants? ONE TIME!

What to Look Forward to?

This is just a taste what Mark Cuban has contained in this pocket gem. There’s so much more he has to teach, so pick up a copy to learn:

  • How one of his 1st employees robbed his software company forcing him to start over.
  • The 1 thing you can Control in Life…
  • Cuban’s Secrets to Get the Edge over Competition
  • 12 Rules for any Starting Business that you can’t miss!

There’s a ton more, but that’s all for now. Catch up with Mark Cuban at his site

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