An OBVIOUS Buying Sign your Customer/Reader shows you (Close more Sales just Knowing this Sign)

An OBVIOUS Buying Sign your Customer/Reader shows you (Close more Sales just Knowing this Sign)

close more sales

They are SHOWING you they want to buy

I was at Dick’s on Saturday (my wife was hosting a lady’s brunch). My 6 month old was napping in her stroller, so I quietly rolled her over to the golf section to practice my putting.

Before I made it to the play-green, on the display there was an odd, black contraption.

The “tool” was for practicing your takeaway up to the top of your swing. (The takeaway, for the non-golfers, is the time-frame when a golfer has the club set, before the swing, up to when he has it behind his head).

This tool (pic below) was designed to keep your hands in the right place and if they aren’t, you see a yellow stripe.

Dick's sporting

I was holding this for almost 10 minutes! Close!

The salesman on the floor was hanging out behind the counter (playing on his phone, whatever). He makes a comment from his seat, “You’re not supposed to see the yellow stripes.”

Laughing, while playing with this toy, I then proceed to tell him some troubles I’ve been having with my swing (bad hook right now).

The salesman nods his head then goes back to what he was doing!

He had a customer with their hands on a product that could help their swing and you tell me WHAT the product does!

I was already holding the thing for 5 minutes before he made a comment!

I don’t care WHAT it does!

Tell me WHY I should buy it.

If all he said was, “If you can get your hands in the right place so you won’t see the yellow, your hook would be cured in no time.”

That’s all and I would’ve bought it!

Instead, I put it back down and went and practiced my putting…

He lost an EASY sale. Are you making this mistake?

Hint: If you see a customer with their paws all over the product and testing it out, THEY ARE A SHORT TRIP TO BUYING.  Close more sales by looking at who is already holding your product and playing with it. They are interested.

He didn’t even need to qualify me, I qualified myself.

Just tell me WHY I should by it so my logical brain would justify spending my hard-earned money.

My friend has a buddy who sells more TVs in their shop than anyone. What’s his secret to close more sales?


At least get the low-hanging fruit first instead of trying to climb the tree and pass the other fruit on lower branches. It’s all fruit!

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