Market and Brand Yourself the Kardashian Way

Market and Brand Yourself the Kardashian Way

Market and Brand Yourself, a phrase sometimes as overused as a toilet seat. It pops up all the time and many wonder why.

Many think your Resume for Job-hunting is all the marketing and branding you will need. That couldn’t be more wrong! A piece of paper should not be the only tool to express your skills and accomplishments. Wouldn’t you want others to see all the different sides of you to see why you are unique?

You’ve heard me harping on Brand Yourself, Market Yourself!. There’s so many different mediums you can do this in: Linkedin, Facebook, Face-to-Face is always best. It’s so easy to say it, but why is it so important?

I’ve gotten a couple e-mails asking that question, “What is the big deal about this marketing and branding yourself stuff!!?!” “Isn’t that just for companies trying to sell products?” Yes, companies need marketing for products, but you’re missing one key component about yourself! What is it? Keep reading…

That’s what we’re going to tackle in this video blog. And also we will briefly look at one of the top marketers out there! You can guess who it is (from the title, if you’re still wondering!), and, surprisingly, it’s a great example.

Let us know below of any other examples you may think of in the comments.

Watch below to find out on the inaugural JOE KNOW SHOW!! I hope to do many more of this, and if you like them better than my writing, then maybe I’ll do more x2 just for you. (Note: this is not the same as the 7EShow, which will be a full-blown webshow/podcast! Excitement which we’re working on as you watch.)

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Let us know what you think! Leave a comment below on how you will market yourself or do you have an example of excellent personal marketing and branding! Be sure to share it with your friends!

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