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Have You Been Chosen to be Successful?

[caption id="attachment_1658" align="alignnone" width="375"] Flickr[/caption] Think about the most admired and successful individual ever for you. Each person will have a different response. Some will base success on wealth, others prestige, and some plain ol' happiness. Now, what adjectives come to mind with this individual? 'Intelligent,'...

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ABC’s Shark Tank Holds the Key to Your Job Search

[caption id="attachment_1506" align="alignnone" width="400"] Kevin O'Leary-Twitter[/caption] Shark Tank is one of the only "reality" type shows my wife and I can watch (we'll dabble in X-factor every now and then, shh!), but we love it because of the cool ideas/uncool ideas that come on the show....

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