Art of Salesmanship 2 of 4 : The Crystal Ball Effect

Art of Salesmanship 2 of 4 : The Crystal Ball Effect

Art of Salesmanship

Lookin’ good!

As promised, the 2013 series continues with Video #2 of the 4-part series we are doing on the “Art of Salesmanship.”

Last week, we learned about making an “Invisible” 3rd party work in your persuasion tactics. Remember, people are usually jerks about doing a stranger a favor unless that stranger is doing a favor for another person.

Confused? Well, then go check out last weeks post on the “Invisible” 3rd party and I’ll wait here until you are done.

Finished? Great! Let’s dive into this lesson!

The Crystal Ball Effect

This second Video in the series is going to show you how to be a Fortune-Teller! Learn:

  • Why you give up control of your life
  • Discover how to use “What is and what could be”
  • Win interviews and sales using a special menu…

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You don’t need to be in sales to need great salesmanship skills. Remember that raise you were looking for? How about negotiating for a freelance contract? Or, pushing an idea at work or even just getting your spouse to do the dishes?

You’re always selling! Start learning these skills now, they will make you more money and/or save you time down the line.


  • In the episode, I mention Derek Halpern’s interview with Nancy Duarte about giving great presentations. Make sure you listen to it right afterwards. Learn sales and presentation secrets.
  • Also, as with much of my content, I have to cite Ramit Sethi’s work. I mention his use of the Briefcase Technique (which I’m going to use in an upcoming freelance situation), make sure you check out his quick video as well.
  • Added Bonus: I just listened to David Siteman Garland’s recent Interview with Daniel Pink, author of “To Sell is Human” (non-affiliate). I just finished reading the book and DEFINITELY recommend! Check out that interview as well.

Alright enough stalling, here’s the 2nd part of the series on the “Art of Salesmanship:”

Are there any Sales Tactics You’ve Used in Sales/Persuasion Situations? Let us know in the Comments! If you know someone that is about to go into an interview or Sales situation, make sure you send them a link to this video. They will thank you!

  • I love that you’re mixing it up with video! I hope we move in this direction this year as well.

    January 14, 2013 at 1:03 pm