Art of Salesmanship 1 of 4 – Invisible 3rd Party working for You

Art of Salesmanship 1 of 4 – Invisible 3rd Party working for You

art of salesmanship

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To kick of 2013, what better way to get bopping than a Video Series?

That’s right! A 4-part 7ME Video Series on the Art of Salesmanship with actionable tips and ideas that can change the way you think and respond!

For the next 4 weeks, you will be nailed with a new video on persuasion/sales tactics to get what you want!

You are also welcome to share this series with your friends because we are all Salesmen!

This is a year that you will have to sell yourself, a product, idea etc. at some point, and this series will provide the tactics and mindset to get you going.

You’re a business, so Invest in the Business of You! Invest in Yourself!

“Invisible” 3rd Party working for You

In this 1st video, you will learn:

  • How Napoleon Hill was able to persuade where 20 leading lawyers could not
  • Use the “Ghost” in the room to influence and sell
  • For bloggers, a quick tip to nailing a guest post.

You’re going to love this series!

Whether you are introverted, never had sales experience, or do sales, it doesn’t matter. In any job, business, or online interaction, you are selling yourself and building a brand and personal relationship.

You can use persuasion in negotiation , interviews, bartering and more. Get creative with it. You’ll always be pushing your ideas, so learn the strategies the pros use to get ahead.

Make this a year to branch out, learn a new skill, learn a new MINDSET!

Check out the 1st part of the series NOW! Joe Know Show presents!

If you have a friend who could use a confidence boost in social interactions, presentations and more, make sure you send them this video. It’ll make their day!
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