Notice Something New & Fun?

Notice Something New & Fun?

entrepreneur showdown

Let the showdown begin!

When I first started building this site I had dreams of bringing on big guests, getting my name out there, the whole kit and kaboodle.

My big goal was to get my podcast up and kicking, but guess what? I released one episode to crickets.

After doing that, I was bored and somewhat let down.  I had bought a microphone, software, all this jazz to do it, but there was something missing.

I just didn’t have the drive to do it.

Have you felt this way about something? You build up this big event in your head, but when it comes, it’s just a let down…

Well, I’m not someone to give up easily so I knew there had to be another way that would be more exciting, it would come my way.

You know me! I don’t accept mediocrity, and neither should you!

I started talking with a co-worker of mine and we realized we’re into the same type of online scene : Podcasts, blogs, marketing, you name it.

We also realized that many of the podcasts out there SOUND THE SAME! It was something we both struggled with.

Hosts all ask the same questions, get the same advice, and the interviews all run together.

We didn’t want that, we saw an opening and we took it.


Here’s where we did something right.  We took Immediate Action.  We got the idea for a new type of podcast and in 2 weeks we were up and recording.  We had also secured a good handful of guests.

The key: we implemented right away.

Many over think everything : “What will people think?” “Why am I qualified to do this?”

Forget all that jibber jabber, just go for it. Build your first model.

That’s what we did.

We started the Entrepreneur Showdown Podcast.

It’s a whole new way to do interviews and podcasts (maybe not completely new, but we haven’t found anything like it!)

Go over and check out some of the guests we’ve had and WILL have.  We’re getting time with some of the most successful people out there. Even if their name isn’t all over the papers, they live the life many would DIE for.

We’re building a platform over there and hope you will join in. It’s going to be epic.


After doing some recording, I realized that I’m enjoying producing content again.  Sometimes you get on a content treadmill and can’t get off.

You get bored and burnt out. Sometimes you need a creative spark.

That’s what I received, I now have someone to bounce ideas off of, network with top influencers and have fun all at the same time.

That’s what I was missing, the FUN!

I didn’t have the personality to do all this myself, I needed others to work with.

Put the FUN back into your work, if it’s not working something needs to change.

Maybe you need someone to throw ideas off of or even just discuss your passions with.

Are you in a rut? Let us know below and let’s discuss it!

Check out the Entrepreneur Showdown Podcast now, we’re mega stoked!

If you like it, make sure you head over to Itunes and leave us your feedback as we grow this platform. Get in on the ground floor!



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