On a Roll : Top Posts of 2013

On a Roll : Top Posts of 2013

Kickin’ off the New Year with a bang, we started off your year with Growth. Growth in your Salesmanship. A skill EVERYONE needs in any walk of life (much like building the mindset of an entrepreneur :D).

But there was a bunch more going on besides what I did, there always is, and I love to highlight them to build your skills and knowledge that much faster.

Let’s get it!

Top Posts from January 2013

Ramit used this post to kick off 2013 and it’s a doozy. In the former, he gives a lengthy Ramit-like rant on how most people go through life/the year being productive. They promise themselves “I guess I’ll find my passion this year” and spend no time figuring out how. I’ve done that many times, most people do. Be in control of your life! Grab some coffee (I hate coffee :D), it’s a monster. Note: Make sure to check ALL Ramit’s posts from January, they are worth it. Learn social skills, email networking and tons more!

Start of Happiness has been exploding for Brendan and love his mantra for the site and life (“Find your happiness!”). So basic, but so needed in today’s pessimistic society. He includes some of my favs including Scott & Farnoosh (who you’ll see later *spoiler*). Don’t go through the list and just say “Yup,” think about what your SPECIFIC goals are for yourself. In the comments you’ll see I gave a quick snippet of my goals. It’s great to see how each entrepreneur has their own goals and insights, there’s no ONE secret to success.

We’ve already gotten a chance to meet Greg and understand his psychology & marketing love triangle. He actually got me thinking more about the power of psychology and here he tackles 3 “triggers” to satisfy your customer. I won’t spoil the 3 ways, but let’s just say you can use them in networking & persuasion situations, not just Customer Service.

Scott’s grown a bad-ass community at LYL and I just love this goal-setting workbook. This isn’t just a “Write 10 goals for the year and do them” type workbook. This makes you actually have to think. Crazy notion right. I admit, due to our recent moving adventure, I am only half-way through, but my goal is to finish it by the end of this week. I’m going to send it over to Scott once I’m done as well. It takes time and effort, tread lightly!

Everyone in the community here knows how much I love Linkedin and it’s untapped resources. Lewis has a great story and he kicked off his endeavours on Linkedin. He goes through building up a network and getting more attention on your profile. I’m not the only one who thinks Linkedin is just for finding jobs :D.

Farnoosh is such a fun person to read and she only carries that into her podcast! She’s up and coming in the podcast uverse and loving it. She goes into 4 ways to sell your idea. My favorite is positioning. How do you present your yourself and idea? Imagine someone pitching it to you, how would you react. We usually fail to see things from other’s perspective. It’s so easy to do but we forget! That’s just 1 of the 4, check out the other now and read up on her blog as well, there’s tons more!

I’m always a sucker for reading about persuasion (note to those who want to make the monthly list!) and Derek’s post is no exception. Although it focuses on bloggers getting links, there’s some keys behind it. One thing that stuck out first is not to give generic offers for help. I’ve done that gazillions of times because other “gurus” have said so. The Internet doesn’t always give good advice, who knew. The other important concept is Incentive. There’s 3 types of Incentives he shows you can offer to get what you need and they make sense and they don’t need to be huge. Derek’s always got great stuff.

Srini’s gone through tons of interviews and I’ve been going through his library as well, but this interview is definitely one of my favorites. Maybe I’m in the dark, but I hadn’t heard of James before this interview and now I’m definitely a follower of his now. His Idea Muscle concept definitely falls in line with the 7ME mantra for success, but along with that it’s just an inspiring and fun episode to listen to. I won’t say more, it’s great!

Did you see one that’s your favorite? Or did I miss one from January (I wouldn’t do that would I….ok I would), put the link below and I’ll give it a shout-out! Let me know if you want to be included in next month’s and I’ll look it over!

  • Awesome round-up, Joe! Some great articles there.

    Thanks for including me!

    February 15, 2013 at 4:56 am
  • These are interesting posts. I wanna read these all some time.

    February 21, 2013 at 11:22 am