Unemployed? Laid-Off? College Graduate ? Here’s how to Jumpstart your Job Search

Unemployed? Laid-Off? College Graduate ? Here’s how to Jumpstart your Job Search

Start your Job Search Strong!

What’s more frightening and nerve-wracking then not knowing where the next paycheck is going to come from?

This is 2012 ( at the time of writing), a depressed economy, and many have no idea what to do to find their next job.

You’re not alone. But we, at the 7Minute Entrepreneur, want to assist you and help you discover new strategies with our FREE content.

I’m going to be tackling many different tactics from experts including (Landon Long, Ramit Sethi) and more, but what can we do NOW?

Don’t panic!

Panic=stress, stress= rash decisions.

Don’t feel sorry for yourself either. Nobody cares. Is that brutal? Yes, but no one wants to hire a whiner or a Debbie-downer. Be positive!

A positive mindset makes all the difference. One great book for that is Napoleon Hill’s “Laws of Success”. I will be tackling this book on the 7Eshow soon! (Don’t buy it now, let me give you a background on it to see if it’s a good fit for you).

One of his mantras is to get into that mindset that you can accomplish beyond your capabilities. The power of the brain is crazy.

My wife just read Incognito: The Secret life of the Brain and her mind was blown on the influence the brain has on EVERYTHING we do, whether we know it or don’t. (I would definitely check that book out right away if you’re into that stuff!).

So what can you do right away?

Get out of the mindset that you deserve the job.

Another brutal truth? Yes, but this is crippling especially with college graduates.

It doesn’t matter if you graduate from Princeton or Hogwarts, thinking you deserve anything on the career path is BS.

The economy, as we have seen, flips and flops more than politicians so opportunities are scarce. Know that someone better is always out there. Think about that.

Remember the billboard in SF “1,000,000 people overseas can do your job. What makes you so special?”

We are going to study the ideas and successes of the most brilliant and they didn’t reach their plateaus with the idea they deserved it.

Everyone told them they didn’t deserve it, so they worked at it.

That’s how we are going to tackle it. Work hard now and get the rewards later.

Prepare a game plan.

No football team walks out on the field on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday and wings it. If you do that, brace yourself to get tenderized…

Take a deep breath.

The job search is one of the toughest areas in our life we will tackle.

If you’re unemployed, it can be stressful with the bills piling up, but every battle needs a strategy and gamplan.

Your game plan is going to be : MARKET YOURSELF. Not your Resume! YOURSELF!

You will be doing the work, the thinking, the networking, not your Resume. You have to take each step piece by piece.

No one can run a marathon on the first day of jogging. Each benchmark requires focus and determination.

Blasting out your resume to every job is equivalent to throwing up a Hail Mary into the end zone where 100 defenders wait and you have only 1 receiver….Response rates for this approach are about 1%…Stop wasting your time.

We will be tackling these steps more and more through the 7Eshow and the Blog.

How do you attack the job search? What’s your first step? Write it below!

1) Take a deep breath. Everything is going to turn out right. With the hard work focused to the right area, you can accomplish anything!
2) Positive thinkers think: “I have control, I am successful and happy.” Negative thinkers believe: “I’m useless because no one answers me. The economy is terrible so I don’t have a chance.” Be positive thinkers!
3) Write down 5 companies you want to work for. Why do you want to work there? Benefits? Culture? Prestige?
4) Research these companies on Linkedin, Glassdoor, the company’s website (duh!). Just type the company into Google and see what the latest is on them. Are they planning a merger? Going bankrupt? CEO quit? Opening new positions in your area?
5) This is planning. You don’t start rappelling down the cliff without knowing what’s on the bottom.

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