Art of Salesmanship 3 of 4 : Pain Point Principle

Art of Salesmanship 3 of 4 : Pain Point Principle

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This is an important part of the series as your now about to shut up and start listening and analyzing.

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Pain Point Principle

Sometimes we are willing to pay almost anything for a solution. We all have “pain points” that we look for answers to and this is the main theme of this episode.

Listening is something many struggle with (you’re looking at one, my wife will vouch as well…). Listening is not the same as “hearing”.

Listening requires listening, comprehending, and responding. This lesson deals with plenty of LISTENING and RESPONDING.

Why? Because of that same reason that we pay for a solution. You need to extract the goodies and you’ll then couple it with other salesmanship methods already mentioned.

In this episode, we will tackle:

  • How to “Find the Pain”
  • Mega Social Tip for any boring conversation
  • Bonus Tip inside on “paying it forward”

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This concept can be used in interviews, negotiations and social situations. Listening is a key skill that is getting lost in today’s media world. People LOVE to be listened to and is a skill that takes honing and development.

Bonus Material:

  • In this episode, I mention Pat Flynn’s interview with Dane Maxwell. Dane is such a loose, fun guy and Pat does a great job getting HUGE value from the interview so check it out!
  • Check out Dane’s Video Series here, which includes behind the scenes looks of his business, why we fail and tons more! TONS of value now!

Alright, cut the chatter. Here’s the third episode on the “Art of Salesmanship” presented by the Joe Know Show.

Have You Extracted Pain before in Situations? How did it go? Make sure you stick around for the last video next week which holds a BONUS! Yes MORE BONUSES! Whoop whoop!

  • Very nice Post! Is there a 4th part that Im missing out on?

    January 19, 2013 at 5:58 pm