Art of Salesmanship 4 of 4 : Scarcity Value Philosophy (Bonus Inside!)

Art of Salesmanship 4 of 4 : Scarcity Value Philosophy (Bonus Inside!)


Hey there!

We’ve reached the end of the series! What a bomb way to kick off 2013! Salesmanship is a skill used not just in retail you doubters, but in interviews, negotiations, pitches, presentations and tons more!

It’s not a talent you are just “born” with, but can develop over time with practice and more practice. Don’t be sleazy, you don’t need to be!

If you’re just checking in, you’ve missed a ton, so catch up here!

Scarcity Value Philosophy

Ever been tempted by those “last minute” shopping deals? What triggers your impulse is the pull of “striking a deal.” The value of goods being discounted makes you feel that you are getting something special because of the scarcity of the deal.

In this final video, you will learn to use this same trigger to make your skills and talent “scarce” to pull others to you.

In this episode, learn to :

  • Trigger scarcity with your skills
  • The Pull proven with Cookies!
  • Real-life example of how I used Scarcity to leverage more MONEY!

Scarcity in your Skills brings MORE Value and Money! Click to Tweet.

Bonus Video!

There’s always a catch, in this case, there’s got to be a bonus! But not just “a” Bonus, with this series, it’s “THE” Bonus.

The Best Sales Tip out there! Yes, I saved the best for the 7ME community (I love them by golly!) You’ll hear about it more at the end of the video (while I’m being super creepy), so make sure you tune in and wait for the final curtain.

Don’t let me hold you back, here’s the final video in the “Art of Salesmanship” Joe Know Show series (sad….:( )

What do you think of this series? When have you used the Scarcity Principle? Use the comments below to share your story and Inspire Others! Don’t miss out!

Sources: “Influence” by Robert Cialdini (Stephen Worchel experiment)

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